Givearn App – The Simplest Way to Start Your Crypto Journey

Givearn is a user-friendly crypto trading app providing a smooth and easy initiation into the world of cryptocurrencies. The app focuses on simplicity to help even the least savvy users invest easily, earn rewards, and enjoy a unique experience with minimal risks.

The crypto market is one of the best-performing financial sectors in 2024, with most digital assets recording all-time high values. Many crypto-curious individuals want to access its many lucrative opportunities. However, they stumble in the face of technical complexities and the scarcity of easy-to-use crypto trading tools.

Givearn aims to change that negative trend by inviting crypto enthusiasts to discover the simplest way to start their crypto journeys. The app guides the user’s first steps into the crypto world with practical information, intuitive features, unique reward programs, and the chance to give back to the community.

If you are looking for the quickest way to understand crypto, the Givearn app may be a reliable choice.

What is Givearn?

Givearn aims to demystify crypto investments – a tempting, but inaccessible financial opportunity for many. The app tackles several issues preventing many from accessing the crypto market, such as extreme volatility, a lack of knowledge, and an undeserved bad reputation.

For example, Givearn anchors the users’ portfolios by placing half of their investments in stablecoins. This practice reduces exposure to market volatility without missing the growth opportunities provided by other digital assets, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The app also helps users access reliable weekly rewards. Givearn generates an annual return of +10.4% on stablecoins, paying the users’ appropriate gains every Monday. As a result, their portfolios benefit from predictable growth and regular rewards with long-term sustainability.

Lastly, Givearn enables users to contribute to charity by making donations effortless and engaging. Any user can choose to allocate a part of their weekly crypto rewards to a charity of their choice. The Givearn team also contributes its share to charity by distributing 15% of the net profits for the development of social projects or the establishment of a society-improving foundation.

Givearn Features for Simple Crypto Trading

Here are the main Givearn features that simplify crypto trading for beginners and seasoned crypto enthusiasts alike:

A User-Friendly App

Givearn provides a straightforward depiction of the crypto market with easy-to-understand data and statistics. Users can rely on this information to make better-informed decisions with their crypto investments.

Measured Investment

By placing 50% of a user’s portfolio in stablecoins, Givearn ensures that half of their assets are anchored in the least volatile sector of the crypto market. Therefore, the risk of losing the entire portfolio in a sudden market crash is minimal.

A Source of Extra Income

Besides the portfolio’s potential growth, Givearn rewards users with a +10.4% annual return on stablecoin investments. This amount is a good benchmark for many beginner crypto investors.

Positive Impact

Givearn allows users to donate a share of their weekly crypto rewards to charity. This feature sets Givearn apart from other crypto investment apps, enabling users to make a real, positive impact on the real world while accessing earning opportunities within a safe and reliable environment.

Certified Security

Givearn has successfully passed a security audit with Sistematik in 2023, confirming the app’s protection against cybersecurity risks and fraudulent activity.

Moreover, Givearn safeguards the users’ cryptocurrencies at Bitpanda Custody, a reputable UK-based company registered with the Financial Conduct Authority. This feature ensures comprehensive protection, and coverage for theft, loss, or damage of digital assets.

Small Fees

The Givearn app is free to download. Using the app to buy and sell crypto comes with a 0.6% fee per transaction. Card payments incur a fee of €1.00 + 3.5%. These fees cover the banking and blockchain costs involved in all crypto transactions.

Simple Withdrawals

The funds are not locked. Users can easily withdraw funds from their Givearn accounts by tapping the “Sell” button on their dashboards. Withdrawals take between 1 and 3 days, and the app sends the funds directly to the user’s IBAN.

How the Givearn App Works

Givearn is free to download from the Google Play or the Apple Store and easy to install. Here’s how the app works and how quickly you can kick-start your crypto portfolio:

1. Verify your identity

After installing Givearn, you need to provide a set of personal data to confirm your identity. The app only uses this information to ensure that its users are who they claim to be. This process increases the app’s safety and protects the entire Givearn community from malicious actors. More importantly, it aligns with EU regulatory standards for the use of financially focused applications.

2. Make a simple bank transfer or card payment

Givearn makes crypto investments simple and seamless. Start building your portfolio by funding your Givearn account via bank transfer or credit/debit card payments. The transactions are quick and secure, giving you a friendly, hassle-free introduction to the crypto world.

3. Access weekly crypto rewards

Givearn distributes rewards to users every Monday, including crypto rewards on 50% of stable cryptocurrencies, equivalent to a +0.2% increase, resulting in an annual yield of 10.4%. This cyclical reward system gives you a clear idea of how much you can earn in the long run.

4. Consider weekly donations

The steady increment of your crypto portfolio can have a visible impact in the real world. You can give back to the community and influence a particular cause by choosing to donate a percentage of your weekly rewards to charity. The app displays all transactions transparently, giving you a clear representation of where your donations go.

Why Use Givearn to Start Your Crypto Journey

Givearn is designed with simplicity in mind, making crypto investments effortless and engaging. Crypto enthusiasts with minimal knowledge of the market can use this app to start their crypto journeys with minimal risks. With Givearn, you get an easy-to-use app, simple investment tools, optimal user security, small fees, and simple withdrawals.

The app’s focus on stable cryptocurrencies ensures users can invest without exposing their entire portfolios to the crypto market’s renowned extreme volatility. Moreover, they can access annual rewards of +10.4% on their investments in stablecoins.

Givearn stands out from other crypto investment apps by allowing its growing community to donate a share of their earnings to charity. This program ensures users can have a positive impact on the world while accessing lucrative investment opportunities.

Download the Givearn app on Google Play or the Apple Store to build quick and simple crypto investments.

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