Enhanced Privacy, Seamless Transactions: BYDFi’s Unique Approach to User Security

BYDFi is a well-established crypto exchange renowned for its discreet no-KYC policy. Besides not requiring its users to undergo Know-Your-Customer procedures, the platform employs the industry’s highest security standards. This way, anyone can experience the freedom of trading without the invasive verification of their privacy.

KYC has become a standard feature of many decentralized applications in the speculative landscape of cryptocurrencies. This process subjects users to strict scrutiny of their personal information and private data. Many crypto exchanges deny service to those who fail to comply with their strict KYC procedures. While this may increase the confirmation of user ID and background, it blocks plenty of potential investors from accessing the lucrative crypto market.

Crypto exchanges can guarantee confidential and secure transactions without imposing KYC on users. BYDFi is clear proof of it, and its unique No KYC policy aims to pioneer a new era of privacy-focused trading with BYDFi. Here’s how that will impact crypto trading as we know it.

The Benefits of Using a No KYC Crypto Exchange

BYDFi stands out from other crypto exchanges through its extended suite of services and advanced security standards. The platform provides several trading tools ideal for both beginner and expert traders, such as spot trading, derivatives, easy crypto conversions for over 700 pairs, low fees, and automated trading bots.

BYDFi has seamlessly integrated with leading media outlets and received Forbes’ endorsement, reaffirming its commitment to delivering exceptional services and building trust among traders. Recently, the well-known Top 20 Crypto trading platform for global investors was announced as the winner of two prestigious titles: ‘Best Retail Investor-Friendly Exchange Globe 2024’ and ‘Most Popular Cryptocurrency Exchange Globe 2024’. These accolades were conferred by International Business Magazine as part of its annual awards program.

Countless traders use BYDFi because of its NO KYC policy, which allows daily withdrawals of up to 0.5 BTC without passing KYC. That is a considerable benefit for advanced and casual traders alike. Alternatively, you can opt to undergo KYC when withdrawing up to 10 BTC per day. Here are the other advantages of using BYDFi with no KYC:

Enhanced Privacy

Most crypto users are concerned about user privacy and personal data. When handled improperly, this precious information could reach potentially malicious third parties. While most exchanges require a KYC pledge to protect users’ data, there’s always the risk of it falling into the wrong hands.

BYDFi employs a No KYC policy because it prioritizes the confidentiality and security of its users’ transactions. The platform already guarantees some of the industry’s highest security standards. However, not subjecting its users to the KYC process adds another layer of protection to their personal data. This way, users have the freedom to trade without sacrificing their privacy.

Increased Availability

Most crypto exchanges asking users to pass KYC are not available worldwide. Moreover, their services are inaccessible to large communities of crypto enthusiasts from countries like the USA, Canada, and the Netherlands. Unfortunately, this practice prevents many potential investors and traders from entering the crypto market.

BYDFi is available in over 150 countries. Its No KYC policy is easily accessible to crypto traders from Europe, Asia, and most English-speaking countries, including a US and Canada MSB dual license. The exchange is located in Singapore, but its services are open to a far-reaching, global community.

A Better User Experience

KYC requirements generally slow down trading and transactions for many crypto users. Additional ID verification steps could take hours or even days to clear memberships or transfers. This practice can sometimes deter new traders from entering the market.

BYDFi does not ask traders to undergo KYC to enhance their user experience. This way, creating an account and trading on BYDFi is quick. This way, newbies can enjoy a smooth initiation in crypto trading. At the same time, expert traders can get right down to business without too much hassle.

BYDFi Security Features Making KYC Superfluous

BYDFi makes up for the lack of a KYC procedure with cutting-edge security features, including:

Dual authentication

This service is provided by Google Authenticator and requires users to verify their identity in two different ways. This widely used security standard increases the protection of user accounts and prevents unauthorized users from accessing them.

Wallet Security

The platform keeps the users’ assets offline in deep cold storage wallets. This way, there is no risk of exploits and malicious attacks, which usually occur for online wallets. Additionally, BYDFi uses multiple signature technology for deposits and withdrawals to defend against losing access to keys or facilities.

Engine Security

The platform’s trade aggregation engine is programmed in the kdb+ language, a tool set often used by major financial institutions in high-frequency trading programs. The system’s aggregation supports over 1 million trades per second, achieving unprecedented speed and reliability.

System Security

BYDFi uses Amazon Web Services (AWS), a state-of-the-art security service well known for its physical security and internal control. This system requires multiple authentications and hardware verification for access. Moreover, the hardware security module meets the highest security level requirements of FIPS PUB 140-2 Level 3 or higher.

Lastly, BYDFi’s technical team regularly tests and checks the platform’s security measures. External security audits and assessments help detect and prevent vulnerabilities, increasing the safety standards of user data and assets.

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Follow these simple steps to become eligible for the big reward:

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Important terms and conditions:

  • The event is available only for users registered using the affiliate link.
  • The net deposit is calculated as the deposit during the event period minus the withdrawal during the event period.
  • The trading volume is calculated as the total amount of all buy and sell orders during the event period.
  • Rewards will be distributed within 5 working days after the end of the event.
  • BYDFi reserves the final right to interpret these terms and conditions.

The event ends on April 1st  at 00:00, so hurry and sign up to BYDFi to benefit from the offer.You can learn more about BYDFi here: Website| X (Twitter) | Discord | Telegram | Medium | YouTube | Reddit | Instagram | LinkedIn

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