BetRoyale Secures Strategic Partnership with Nadmah, Web3 Powerhouse

BetRoyale, the groundbreaking Web3 casino with over 10,000 active players, has announced a strategic partnership with Nadmah, a leading Web3 incubator renowned for its expertise and extensive network. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for BetRoyale, providing the project with invaluable support in fundraising, Go-To-Market strategy, and tokenomics refinement.

A Winning Combination: BetRoyale's Momentum Meets Nadmah's Expertise

BetRoyale has already established itself as a promising player in the Web3 gaming industry, attracting a dedicated user base and generating revenue through its diverse offerings, including slot games, a sportsbook, and live gaming experiences. As a licenced crypto casino with a successful smart contract audit and a rapidly growing community, BetRoyale demonstrates strong early traction.

Recognising BetRoyale's potential, Nadmah – with its proven track record of success in advising over 30 projects and facilitating over $10 million in fundraising – is poised to propel BetRoyale to the next level.

The Main Benefits of this Partnership

Through this strategic partnership, BetRoyale gains access to a comprehensive suite of benefits designed to accelerate its growth and success:

  • Tailored Incubation Program: Nadmah offers a holistic program addressing the four critical pillars for a successful token launch: network, marketing, tokenomics, and product development.

  • Unparalleled Expertise: BetRoyale will leverage Nadmah's proven experience in the Web3 space, gaining insights from a team with a deep understanding of the market and its intricacies.

  • Enhanced Network and Fundraising Potential: Nadmah boasts an extensive network of over 1,000 industry professionals and connections with 120+ VCs, providing BetRoyale with invaluable access and support during its ongoing 17-stage fundraising campaign.

  • Go-To-Market Strategy and Marketing Support: Nadmah will assist BetRoyale in crafting a comprehensive Go-To-Market strategy to maximise user acquisition and growth, while also leveraging its established relationships with KOLs, supporting partners, and market makers for effective marketing campaigns.

A Shared Vision for the Future of Web3 Gaming

This partnership signifies a shared vision between BetRoyale and Nadmah for the future of Web3 gaming. BetRoyale's established user base and revenue model and Nadmah's expertise in incubation and fundraising create a powerful synergy to disrupt the industry.

Why BetRoyale Chose Nadmah: A Look at the Incubator's Strengths

Nadmah, led by the vision of Thomas Stanbury and Emre Bilgutay, boasts an unparalleled track record. With over 30 projects successfully advised, they possess one of the strongest networks in Web3, encompassing hundreds of Venture Capitalists, Launchpads, and Exchanges. 

Their expertise extends to crafting tokenomics and token economies for over 20 companies, including Eesee, Alaska Gold Rush, and Octvaia, who collectively raised over $10 million during bear market conditions.

Nadmah was among the first companies to recognize Octavia's potential and acted as advisors, playing a crucial role in their kick-off in the field. During their collaboration, Octavia's token price experienced a significant increase, rising from $0.10 to $2.80. 

As Nadmah nurtures early-stage projects through their token launch incubation program and provides specialized consultancy services, they were also among the first to recognize tremendous potential in BetRoyale & join forces with the project.

Join BetRoyale on its Journey

With the combined expertise and resources of BetRoyale and Nadmah, the future of Web3 gaming looks bright. Stay tuned for exciting developments as BetRoyale continues its journey to become a dominant player in the industry.

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