Arhasi launches a freely accessible Prompt Fabricator to accelerate prompt engineering tasks.

Today, Arhasi, a thought leader in AI security, governance, and compliance, unveiled a complimentary service aimed at enhancing GenAI engineers' ability to expedite use case development. This service grants organizations immediate access to an intelligent AI chatbot, simplifying the creation of finely crafted input prompts for Large Language Models (LLM) through cutting-edge industry templates. The service additionally offers the option to upgrade, providing recommendations for the most suitable prompt template tailored to a specific input prompt.

Arhasi’s innovation studio is a comprehensive research initiative guided by a team boasting nearly a decade of expertise in crafting enterprise AI solutions. The studio is currently developing several solutions: the “Vani'' project integrates Digital Twins with AI to enhance real-time response capabilities, while their “Vajra” project focuses on protecting interconnected AI systems from cyber threats. 

Arhasi advocates for fluid conversation flows, prioritizing the integration of AI security and governance as essential components for the success of AI initiatives. Whether it's a chatbot, design assistant, application, or workflow, each serves as a conduit for fluid conversation flows. Thus, it became crucial for them to demonstrate our capacity to deliver intelligent AI systems through the Prompt Fabricator service. Leveraging Natural Language Understanding (NLU), Chatbot, Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), and recommender models seamlessly and rapidly, our R.A.P.I.DTM platform facilitates this process effortlessly.

Arhasi proudly asserts its capability to quickly deliver integrated, secure, and governed AI assistants and systems through its R.A.P.I.DTM platform on Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and AWS. It also boasts integrations with Databricks, HPE Greenlake, and Snowflake’s Snowpark Container Services.

"In our commitment to enterprise social responsibility, we're proud to launch Prompt Fabricator, our fluid conversational agent, as a complimentary service for all. Our goal is to reduce the time needed to develop GenAI solutions." said Chiru Bhavansikar, Chief AI Officer at Arhasi. 

Key benefits of Arhasi’s R.A.P.I.DTM platform includes:

AI-ready and multi-cloud platform: The era of spending years configuring foundations to securely onboard data into the Cloud is behind us. Enterprises are eager to swiftly leverage AI for value delivery and cannot afford to wait years for foundational setup. R.A.P.I.DTM swiftly establishes all necessary AI foundations on any platform of choice in no time.

Turnkey Conversational AI Agent: Enterprises can find an intelligent AI chatbot right within their preferred Microsoft Teams platform. Arhasi ingeniously transformed Microsoft Teams into an AI chatbot solution and made it work with Google Gemini, ChatGPT, Mistral and LLAMA2.

Built-In AI Model Security: The engine seamlessly integrated into AI chatbots and workflows to mitigate GenAI safety and reliability concerns, while aligning with NIST, OWASP, and ATLAS MITRE frameworks.

AI Governance and Compliance: Real-time visibility, traceability, and performance metrics and reports for GenAI models, alongside drift detection capabilities.

AI Assessment and Assurance: A module to quickly assess your existing GenAI application for compliance, quality and security and a standard framework for testing GenAI applications.

Through a network of esteemed partners like Cloudbench, Alteryx, GTS Technology Solutions, and HPE, ARHASI provides customers with access to a unified ecosystem of Cloud, Data, and AI solutions.

Click here to access ARrhasi’s Prompt Fabricator solution.

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